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About Us

NX Level Sports Performance offers a variety of training programs to fit your goals. Whatever your level of athleticism, you'll find a program here that will help you achieve your purpose. Some of our programs include:

  • adult training

  • athlete training

  • combine training

  • olympic lifting team

  • powerlifting team

  • strongman lifting team

  • bodybuilding 

Our programs are developed to:

  • improve your cardio endurance 

  • improve overall wellness 

  • reduce the risk of injury

  • create better balance and coordination

  • increase strength and energy

  • aid in weight loss and improve body fat composition 

  • improve self esteem

Our athlete programs start for kids as young as 12 and go all the way through a professional career. Our objective is to help athletes excel in their respective sports, lay a foundation with middle school and high school athletes, and improve movement qualities at the collegiate and professional levels. Physical readiness that enhances mindset is the recipe for improving your athletic performance. This means going beyond the drills and practice for your sport. We develop exceptional athletes by coaching a depth of skills and abilities. Our holistic training approach is appropriate for all ages and abilities and is vital for minimizing injury while your improve:

  • speed

  • flexibility

  • strength

  • nutrition

  • kinesthetic awareness

  • body composition 

Our goal is to help facilitate a work ethic that will stay with you for life. Your coach will make your sessions informative, enjoyable, and effective, while also holding you accountable, addressing your individual weaknesses, and stressing the importance of consistency. 

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