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Gym Equipment

Getting Started

Begin to take your training to the NX Level with a tour. The best way to get started is to schedule a tour with the facility of your choice and have a one-on-one conversation with one of our performance coaches. They will go over our programs and answer any questions you may have. 

At NX Level you will not only improve physically, but you will also build a work ethic that will last a lifetime. With consistent training you will become a better athlete, build your body, increase your speed, enhance your cardiovascular health, improve your self-confidence, and develop a more positive attitude and self-image. To get started, schedule a tour at one of our locations. Once you have completed your tour, we will schedule and initial private assessment with one of our performance coaches. You cannot begin training until your assessment is completed so please wear comfortable work out clothes.  

During your assessment you will provide your health and medical history, explain your current training program if any, discuss your goals, and will be led through an initial movement screening. The assessment takes around 30 minutes and once you have completed it you can begin training!

We provide group sessions for all of ou
r training. These groups are maxed out at 10 athletes (there is no athlete minimum0, and you will work out with other athletes of similar age and comparable ability level based on your assessment. You will receive individual attention while still training with your peers. Our experience shows that group training is a great way to transfer knowledge and skills to our clients. Work out sessions includes a proper warm up, a focus on power development, technical sprint mechanics, and a strength component led by one of our performance coaches. Our goal is to pair movement and strength training so you move as efficiently as possible in your given sport.


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